The best app to track your daily walking activity.

Increase your daily activity by tracking your steps and sharing them with your friends.

Accuracy & Stats

Lets Walk is extremely accurate to track your steps. Lets Walk uses Moves API to access your walking activity and track all your steps, distance, time and calories.

Fitness & Health

Lets Walk can improve your daily exercise and fitness goals. You are encouraged to setup goals and walk more frequently. Increase in exercise can lead to better health & lifestyle.

Social Sharing

You can invite your friends to share walking data, keep progress and weekly rankings. Easily post your walking activity in social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a step tracking service?

For iPhone models older than iPhone 5S, Lets-Walk uses a step tracking service like Moves-App to track your walking activity. Moves is optimized to accurately track your movements without using too much battery.

Does using Lets Walk drains the battery?

No, Lets Walk app uses only a small amount of battery. In iPhone 5S models all the tracking actions are performed automatically by the device. For older phones (iPhone 5) Lets Walk uses a step tracking service like Moves-app and it is recommended to set 'Tracking Priority' to 'Battery Savings' mode on Moves-app settings.

Can I close the app and still track my steps?

Yes, Lets Walk will track your steps in a background job unless you explicitly stop it on your iphone settings using Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh option.