These are my most current entrepreneurship projects.


iOS mobile application that tracks your daily steps. Includes social network features such as follow friends, share on facebook and track/share walks. Built on Objective-C for iOS 7 and above. Backend built using Parse (http://www.parse.com). Launched in 2013.

Cosmmo.cl (Spanish)

Web and mobile application similar to Yelp for latin america. Mobile app built on XCode for iOS 7 and website built with PHP running in LAMP stack. Backend is a combination of REST API with server side RPC. Launched in 2012 Santiago, Chile.

iOS Apps

Some of these applications have been built very quickly mostly as proof of concept and for fun.

Cosmmo (Spanish)

Cosmmo.cl native mobile application.


LetsWalkApp.com native mobile application.

Route Keeper

Simple iOS application designed to record routes.

Banana Fest Free

Simple iOS game designed for children.

Travelers World Clock Free

Simple world clock built for travelers that need to schedule meetings while they are on the go.

Open Source

These are some of my open source projects and projects where I contribute to.

Ember XMPP Client

Ember CLI application built to demonstrate Realtime capabilities of XMPP. This application works as a web client chat using XMPP (OpenFire) server to send/receive messages, presence and pub/sub.


Atom Editor Plugin To View Git Modified Files on TreeView

This atom plugin allows atom-editor to display git modified files on top of the treeview of a git project.


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